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This process involves looking at the critical operational areas of an MGA.

1.  Financial Performance.  A review of profitability, net retained levels and expenses.  These are reviewed against various financial matrices that we have to help understand where issues may lie that are affecting overall performance.

2.  Agency management.  How the MGA manages its relationships with its producing agents.  This will include agent assignments, tiering, telemarketing, agency calls, and accounting controls.

3.  Sales and marketing.  The strategies employed by the MGA to grow its business and how they can be made more effective.  Review of attainable goals for the organization and individuals within it.

4.  Internal organization.  How the MGA manages the various aspects of its workflow day by day.

5.  Staff performance.  Involving meeting with staff as needed and reviewing files handled by them. 

6.  Contract and carrier relationships and management.  How MGA contracts are used and managed and how brokerage business is identified and handled.  The aim is to identify areas where net retained commissions and contingent commissions can be improved.

An office visit together with a review of the financial areas and a discussion of some of the other issues will normally be enough for us to craft an initial report with recommendations as to what other areas merit investigation and what changes we are beginning to see as probable for the organization if it is to become more profitable.

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